Colin developed a love for the ocean at a young age and it became an escape from the congestion of his urban surroundings. Into young adulthood Colin was propelled by his urge to explore, and he sought travel and waves in secluded, more natural, locations up and down California's coastline. At the same time he noticed that the surf publications of the day lacked the types of images he was seeing with his own eyes; Colin was eager to share his personal viewpoint of California's coast.

After a few years and a few thousand photos, Colin realized photography would be an ideal career for himself based on his longstanding relationship with the ocean, as it was the perfect blend of art and science. He entered Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara focusing on a degree in professional photography and digital imaging. After a short stint working as a freelance surf photographer, he accepted a position producing documentary photography, video, and high-speed imagery for various federal agencies. Colin continues to capture images of his beloved empty waves, and travels in his free time.